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shark attack

Dec 25, 2005 4:32 am US/Pacific
Shark Attacks Surfer Off Oregon Coast
(AP) SEASIDE, Ore. A man attacked by a shark while surfing off the northern Oregon coast Saturday suffered lacerations on his ankle and calf, authorities said.The 30-year-old surfer, Brian Anderson, was "conscious, alert and smiling" on the way to Providence Seaside Hospital, said Seaside Fire Department Chief Joe Dotson."There was quite a bit of blood, but he was not entered into the trauma center, so I assume he will be fine," Dotson said.Nursing supervisor Greg Bench said the surfer would be treated and released later in the night.Witnesses told Dotson the 10-foot great white shark attacked around noon at the popular surfing spot near Tillamook Head."I think everybody got out of the water," Dotson said. "He didn't get seconds."Dotson said it was the first shark attack off Seaside in his 26 years with the department

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Mav's Contest

Paddle-in Big Wave contest

Mavericks, California, USA7 January - 31 March 2006
Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 22 December, 2005 : - - On Saturday, January 7th, the 2006 Mavericks Surf Contest® holding period will officially commence with a ceremonial prayer and paddle-out followed by a kick-off celebration. In a symbolic show of respect for the ocean and tradition, surfers will paddle-out to the break, form a circle, join hands and pray for a safe and successful event.
After, all will join together for a celebration and announcements about the contest such as heat selection, partnerships, and more. The opening ceremony event is not open to the public, but media and invited guests are welcome. Food and beverages will be provided courtesy of Ono Grill.
WHEN: January 7, 2006 - Prayer and Paddle-Out (2 p.m.); Opening Celebration (3-7 p.m.)
WHERE: Prayer and Paddle-Out – Mavericks Surf Break
Celebration – Harbor House Convention Center in Princeton-by-the-Sea, 346 Princeton Ave., Half Moon Bay, Calif.
WHO: Contest organizers will attend and be available for interviews including: Mavericks legend and Contest Director Jeff Clark, Mavericks surfers Russell Smith, Jake Wormhoudt, Grant Washburn, Ryan Seelbach, Zach Wormhoudt, Evan Slater, Matt Ambrose, Troy Virostko and others to be confirmed. VIPs and media are also invited.
WHY: The opening ceremony will celebrate the start of the 2006 contest season and will also be the first chance to get details on competitor heat selection, sponsors and other important contest information.
HOW: Media interested in attending should contact Dawn ( or Hilary ( at SnL Communications, (310) 996-0239

About Mavericks Surf Ventures, LLC:Mavericks Surf Ventures, LLC is a partnership between surfing legend Jeff Clark and San Francisco-based sports management and marketing firm Evolve Sports, LLC. Mavericks Surf Ventures produces The Mavericks Surf Contest® and offers apparel and other licensed merchandise under the Mavericks™ brand. Coined as "the wave beyond," Mavericks™ inspires hardcore athletes to face the unpredictably raw power of Mother Nature, and stirs the souls of those who aspire to challenge their own limits. On a date to be determined on 24-hours' notice during the winter season of 2006, 24 invited surfers will battle to determine the next Champion of The Mavericks Surf Contest®.
Keir J. BeadlingMavericks Surf Ventures,

Friday, December 23, 2005

Big Cali Swell

Big Waves Continue To Pound Coast
POSTED: 3:44 pm PST December 21, 2005
UPDATED: 4:15 pm PST December 21, 2005
SANTA CRUZ, Calif. -- Big waves continued to pound the Central Coast Wednesday after thunderstorms rolled through Northern California.
The storm surge brought waves as large as 20 feet to the coast. Seacliff State Beach in Aptos was closed to campers, and park rangers evacuated the coastal area because of the high surf.
Ranger believe the giant swells pose a potential threat to the 200 people who were camping in the beach area. Some campers left the park entirely while others plan to stick it out and return to the beach once the high-surf warning is lifted.
Rangers also closed the popular park coastal trails as giant swells spit sand and other debris along campsite.
"The waves are so high that (park rangers) closed off where you enter," said Aptos resident Carol Moscatel.
"We expected those swells to come in pretty big. So, it's one of those things (that) you have to be safe than sorry so," said camper Terry Hunter.
A few surfers decided to take advantage of the swells. Some were even towed out to higher surf by personal watercraft.
Despite the big waves, lifeguards said they haven't been busy responding to water rescues .
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Monday, December 19, 2005

End of '05 Season hits big..

MAJOR STORM OFF HAWAII TO GENERATE HUGE SURF FOR CALIFORNIA ON WEDNESDAY A developing storm near Hawaii has intensified early Monday with 50 knot winds and 50 foot seas aimed directly toward California. This is an “El Nino” type of storm as it has dropped far to the south between Hawaii and California to pick up a tremendous amount of tropical moisture to fuel its strength. A weak ridge of high pressure over California will maintain stable weather conditions along the coast with generally light and variable winds – very favorable for surfers with the experience to surf large waves. This storm is generating near hurricane force winds and huge seas within 1,000 miles of California, much closer than normal. The swell direction will also be from a broad westerly direction, which will also allow the maximum amount of swell energy to penetrate through the offshore islands to arrive at the coast of Southern California. Most areas with southwest, westerly, and/or northwesterly exposure will experience 8-12 foot waves with sets near 15 feet. Some more west facing exposed areas will have sets approaching 20 feet and possibly more. Local high tides will be in the medium 4.5 foot range so typically we wouldn’t expect significant coastal flooding or erosion. However, this will be one of the largest swells to arrive in Southern California is years, so local authorities should definitely prepare for coastal erosion and flooding in low lying areas open to the southwest, west, and northwest. Marine harbor entrances open to a westerly direction will also have large breaking waves near the harbor entrances, especially during the low tide periods late Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. If you have further questions please feel free to contact the Surfline forecasting team below. Be safe, Sean Collins 714-504-9404 cell

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Surfing Spectacle

December 18, 2005
Preparations unfold for seasonal surf spectacle: Maverick's

As soon as December rolls around, the drumbeat begins for the yearly spectacle that is Maverick's — and this year, five of the 24 invited surfers were picked by the public.
Organizers hand-selected 19 surfers and then invited Maverick's fans to visit to vote online, choosing from among 14 contestants to arrive at the remaining five.

More than 2,000 votes poured in during the 24-day voting period, and Alex Martens, Grant Baker and Danilo Couto, as well as Santa Cruz guys Josh Loya and Russell Smith, were in.

"It gives guys an opportunity to mobilize and show how much they want to be in the contest," said Keir Beadling, managing partner of Maverick's Surf Ventures LLC, a partnership between Mav's legend Jeff Clark and San Francisco sports marketing firm Evolve Sports. "It's hard for us to say, 'Here's the 24,' and that's it. It's a life-changing thing for these guys."

The window for the Maverick's Surf Contest has been shortened a month, cutting out December to include just January through March. The official contest window, in which surfers and fans will be given 24-hour notice that the contest is on, opens Jan. 1.

"I think we're still playing with trying to find what is the right window," said Beadling. "Also, there are so many different things going on, we want to make sure we have enough time to have things ready to go."

So far, though, one thing not quite ready to go is the prize purse.

Though the organizers were not prepared to announce anything regarding the prizes, said Beadling, "We plan to improve on everything every year."

He declined to comment on whether the prize purse would equal last year's $75,000 award total, which was contributed by local athlete-sponsorhip company Balance Vector and was a big jump from the previous prize purse of $10,000. But Beadling said his firm was quite good at nailing agreements — though it takes some time to do it.

"As the contest comes closer, deals start to close," he said.
Another new development this year is the availability of contest alerts via cell phone text messages, which fans can sign up for at the official Web site, Washburn has seen the waves not just bigger, but better, more lined up with longer rides.

In terms of the level of surfing in the rhino-chasing arena, Washburn said the technology that's come into big-wave boards and the amount that's been learned in the past few years is "shocking."

"When I first started riding big waves, what guys did wasn't that spectacular compared with 20 years ago," he said, saying the main goal was to make the drop, go straight and survive. A change has "happened in the last five or six years — it's night and day."

A new frame of reference gained from experience with Jet Skis and new paddle-in board technology gleaned from tow-in board dynamics, combined with features particular to specific waves, came together, said Washburn.

"The idea isn't just catch a big one and make it," said Washburn. "It's catch one, fade and get barrelled."

Last year the agony and the ecstasy of Maverick's was viewed by about 30,000 spectators who trudged the muddy path to the beach and perched on the cliffs for a glimpse of the drama. Organizers expect more spectators this year, perhaps up to 40,000-50,000, but they're also again offering a live Webcast so that the small community of Half Moon Bay isn't necessarily trampled by millions. Last year 45,000 viewers visited the Web site, and Beadling expects 80,000-100,000 this year.

In an initiative in partnership with Clif Bar, Maverick's Surf Ventures plans to make the contest "the world's first climate-neutral surf contest," said Beadling. There will be education stations about composting and recycling, the organizers will do some replanting on areas of the cliff that get trampled and will also commission a study on the environmental impact of contest-related emissions and offset them by buying wind energy credits.

But OK — all of it boils down to a single question: Will the victory go to three-time winner, dominant Maverick's surfer and notorious hell-man Flea, or to young and talented big-wave specialist, and defending champion, Anthony Tashnick? Tashnick did not get a chance to test himself against the elder statesman Flea last time because Flea didn't surf, pulling out because of a knee injury.

"Nope," was Tashnick's response to the question of whether he'd win.

"Anytime I get my hopes up about something and really try to win something, it doesn't happen," he said. He placed his bet on fellow Santa Cruz big-wave rider Peter Mel.
Still, said Tashnick, he and Flea will be battling hard.

"Those guys won't go easy on me, I'll tell you that," he said.
Since the contest last year he's been surfing a lot and traveling.
"I've been in the water so much more, so I definitely feel good," he said. "But any dog can have its day."

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The 24
Matt Ambrose
Ryan Augenstein
Grant Baker
Randy Cone
Kenny Collins
Danilo Couto
Shane Desmond
Nathan Fletcher
Mike Gerhardt
Eraldo Gueiros
Brock Little
Greg Long
Josh Loya
Alex Martens
Peter Mel
Shawn Rhodes
Ryan Seelbach
Evan Slater
Russell Smith
Tyler Smith
Anthony Tashnick
Darryl "Flea" Virostko
Grant Washburn
Zach Wormhoudt

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As oppossed to Dry sand?

Now would that be a desert,
as opposed to an ocean?

Or would it be a flowing river, a lake, a pool.

Wet Sand